Practical use of categories in WordPress

As you know, the structure of WordPress is such that it has a category section in the posts section, and you can categorize the posts on your site based on content. Categorizing the content on the site allows you to easily sort the content on the site so that users can more easily access any of their favorite content.

In this article, we will teach you how to enable the display of category descriptions in WordPress.

Description of categories in WordPress

In WordPress, it is possible to classify the posts on the site using the tag section or categories. If the posts in WordPress have tags and are categorized according to the topic, they will have a good impact on the content’s SEO.

WordPress allows you to create category descriptions in WordPress for each category separately. In fact, the possibility of category descriptions in WordPress allows us to provide users with more and clearer information about a category of topics.

For example, if there is a category titled “Books” among the content of the site, we can explain one line about the category “Books” by using the possibility of describing the categories so that users understand what the subject of these books is. What books are there on your site!
To implement the possibility of displaying category descriptions in WordPress, you must first click on the category option from the posts menu as shown below.

Categories in WordPress
Categories in WordPress

After you enter this page, you can create multiple categories, this section has three important and basic sections, the name that shows the name of the category, the name of the title that creates the URL link of the category. If the desired category is considered a subset of other categories, it can be a subset of another category with the parent option, and the description of the category is filled in for the ease of working with the site for the users of this section. And it will also be very effective in terms of Seo.

Categories in WordPress
Categories in WordPress

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