Social media feed reader plugin in WordPress (Flow Flow)

Introducing the plugin:

Today, social networks are an important part of the daily life of all people, with the help of which you can make extensive advertisements. It is definitely necessary to be on social networks for every website. Mostly, the icons of these social networks are displayed as a link. is given, but these icons can be displayed in a special way on websites. The floating display of icons is possible using plugins, which we will introduce below.

You can use the Flow-Flow plugin to display content published on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By using this method, users who visit your website can see the content of your virtual networks, which are displayed side by side in a very beautiful and creative way.

Plugin Flow Flow
Plugin Flow Flow

One of the features of this smart storage plugin is to provide content with very high page speed, it is fully responsive and runs well on mobile devices. With this plugin, you can display all the content produced on social pages in a beautiful and different way on your website! You can also display posts from multiple social networks together!

Of course, you should consider that this plugin may not work correctly for all versions of WordPress

Support for all types of social networks

In general, there are 40 different types of feeds, and this plugin can display 13 different types of feeds to users as beautifully as possible while maintaining security. These feeds are:

  • Facebook: Support any public page with public posts, public galleries
  • Twitter: Timeline, user feed, search * including hashtags, user list
  • Instagram: Public user photos, username, hashtags, location. April API changes are now supported.
  • YouTube: User, channels, search, public playlist
  • Google+: Any public profile
  • Pinterest: Public user or channel
  • SoundCloud: Public playlist
  • LinkedIn: Company and job updates
  • Foursquare: Location photos
  • Fliker: Public user photos, photos by tag
  • Dribbble: Public user posts
  • Tumblr: Photos of blog posts
  • Vimeo: Public user videos, gallery, channel and user feed
  • RSS: Any valid ATOM format RSS feed is not supported

Source: The official page of Flow Flow plugin in WordPress

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