The issue of outputting Working Time App in Android 10

Android Working Time App was published for the first time in 2016 in a complete and comprehensive way on the platform of Android market sites, and in these years it faced many problems, which were solved with the help and cooperation of dear users.

For some people, it is necessary to record their arrival and departure time at their workplace due to the absence of a clock. This App helps you to manage your arrival and departure time at work. By running the App in Android services, you can see the entry and exit warning according to the time of your device.

Working Time App
Working Time App

What is the main problem?

Due to the progress of the Android base, this App should always be updated and it has always tried to make these updates and add more features to the attendance software.

Recently, many users are complaining about not getting the output of the App, and the reason for that is Android version 10, which is incompatible with them, we are trying to maintain your satisfaction, dear users, so the App is updating the codes and we are sure It will be published soon and the problems will be fixed.

Ability to backup of information
Ability to backup of information


Thank you for your patience, dear friends

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