How to fix the problem of email link not working in Google Chrome

In website design, it is sometimes necessary to place a link on your page through which you can directly send an email. This is possible with the mailto command. In the past, when this command was executed in the browser, the browser looked for the relevant software in the system to send email and suggested which software to use, but due to Due to the advancement of the security level in browsers including Google Chrome and the lack of email sending software on the systems, users encountered problems with this command, so we tried to solve this problem in this short educational article.

Fix the mailto link problem

A simple solution to solve the problem of the mailto link not opening in Google Chrome, stay with us step by step to solve this problem:

1- Open your Google Chrome.

2- Go to

3- When you log in to your account, in the address bar section, you will see an option as shown in the image below, which is for your Google Chrome Handler settings. Click on this icon

Start Chrome Handler
Start Chrome Handler

4- After clicking on this icon, a question page will open for you, which asks you for permission to use Google Chrome for the mailto command. Click on the Allow option

License Handler in Chrome
License Handler in Chrome

5- Click the Done button to confirm.

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