Iranology is the study of the culture and history of Iran. Of course, it is not possible to provide a precise definition of Iranology that is comprehensive, but it is possible to achieve definitions that can be used to describe the field of studies.

Iranology is a disciplined branch of knowledge that studies the cultural knowledge of Iran from ancient times to the present. This culture includes the history, literature, art and culture of old and modern Iran along with its mass culture. Therefore, the Iranology App is the first Persian Android App that has reviewed the country in various categories since the beginning of time and by including various images, it has tried to show Iran in a completely simple and conceptual way. User to explain.

The categories are as follows:

    • General information about New Iran
    • Terminology
    • History of Iran
      • pre-historic
      • Before the Medes
      • After the Medes
      • After Islam
    • Geography of Iran
    • آب و هوای مناطق مختلف در ایران
    • Different communities in Iran
    • Current policies
    • Legal system in Iran
    • military force
    • The roads and paths of the country
    • Economy in Iran
    • Iranian art and culture
    • Exercise


The capabilities of this software

  • Classification of main titles
  • The possibility of changing the color and type of the font and the magnification of the text
  • The existence of different images for a better understanding of the content
  • There is a gallery of images based on natural and historical situations


Images from the software environment

The latest software changes

  • Update program libraries
  • Add the option to support us and the ability to remove ads
  • Optimize the opening of the App for the first time
  • Fix minor problems


Download App

Download the Working time App from the CafeBazzar


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