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For some people, it is necessary to record their arrival and departure time at their workplace due to the absence of a clock. This App helps you to manage your arrival and departure time at work. By running the App in Android services, you can see the entry and exit warning according to the time of your device.


Features of the working time app:

  1. Calculation of the time worked according to the time of entry and exit
  2. Entering time in both automatic and manual ways
  3. Calculation of overtime
  4. Calculation of delays
  5. Include holidays
  6. include mission
  7. Insert overtime for holidays
  8. Calculation of salaries in the form of monthly, hourly and daily wages
  9. Warning notice to enter entry and exit time
  10. Separate alert notification for Thursdays if needed
  11. Ability to display recorded times by month and year
  12. The ability to output recorded times by month and year for Excel software
  13. Ability to output all recorded times
  14. Ability to delete single, monthly and all recorded times
  15. The ability to edit the entered information
  16. The ability to backup and restore information to transfer information
  17. Simple and user-friendly environment


Working Time app images

A summary of the latest major changes in each release


  • Improving the performance of warning messages and the ability to enter entry and exit times with their help
  • More compatibility with Android 8 and above
  • Fix minor problems


  • Optimizing the app for Android 9 versions
  • Improved user interface in displaying items
  • Moving the main menu to the right
  • The possibility of checking the update of the software
  • Fix minor problems


  • Optimizing data recovery
  • Optimizing record editing
  • Fix minor problems


  • Fix minor problems


  • Added editing feature
  • Deleting records stored on a date separately
  • Automatic support if approved by the user
  • Minor change in general settings
  • Fix minor problems


  • Fix minor problems


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